BEAR Services for Schools and Educators

Professional Development

  • “Visual impairment, including blindness” is a low incidence disability in school-age children, and a professional educator may have such a student only once every five or ten years.
  • BEAR can provide educational professionals the training and support they need to confidently teach students with visual impairment, including blindness—from instructional techniques to guidance on efficient curriculum preparation, BEAR can help educators increase their efficiency and effectiveness for all students.

Instructional Coaching and Mentoring

  • BEAR staff have a broad-based foundation and expertise in identifying and implementing appropriate accommodations and modifications for students with visual impairment, including blindness, with and without additional disabilities.
  • We mentor individual teachers in practical instructional strategies, choosing and obtaining effective and efficient blindness/low vision tools, and integrating assistive technology into the classroom.

Problem Solving and Collaborative Solutions

  • BEAR recognizes that there is no one solution or formula that will meet the needs of any student with visual impairment, including blindness.
  • BEAR helps IEP teams assess existing programs and distinguish between current instructional methods and instructional content needing to be taught. BEAR will also assist teams in developing accessible instructional methods and securing tools to provide students with a free appropriate public education (FAPE).